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Auctioned Persian Dinner a Success!

A group of 8 friends and supporters enjoyed a fun, family-style Persian buffet at the home of a Food Shift volunteer in early March, an offering that went to the highest bidder at the silent auction portion of Food Shift’s Seven-Year Anniversary Benefit last December.

The meal incorporated some donated produce–cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley from Imperfect Produce. Guests were welcomed to the turquoise-themed festivities with a refreshing, vodka-based┬ápomegranate and citrus cocktail and an appetizer of feta cheese and a typical assortment of fresh herbs–rescued parsley, plus mint, cilantro, tarragon and basil, served with a Persian bread, sangyak.

The main buffet offered lemon and saffron-marinated BBQ chicken kabab, tender and garlicky grilled lamb kabab served with steamed basmati rice, crunchy tahdig (the bottom of the pot), slow-roasted rescued tomatoes and two salads featuring rescued cucumbers and tomatoes: Shirazi salad (a medley of cucumber, tomato and onion) and Mast o Khiar (yogurt, mint and cucumber). In keeping with the theme, red Shiraz/Syrah wine accompanied the meal.

In between the main course and dessert, participants learned about The Food Shift Kitchen’s catering and Food Shift’s unique win-win mission to reduce food waste, offer job-training and food for the hungry while improving the planet. The enjoyable evening concluded with Persian tea and assortment of typical sweets and lingering conversation.





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