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Food Shift culinary program graduate, Anthony

A selfie photo of Dana and Anthony smiling outside

Uplifting and inspiring visit today from Food Shift culinary program graduate, Anthony. He is now working 2 part-time jobs, saving money for the first time and going to school! We talked about how he feels and what he’s learning and he shared that he is learning to find balance and navigate stress, and to control his temper in frustrating situations. “I ask myself whether it’s worth it to fight.”

We talked about Ghandi and how he fought peacefully with his heart and mind.

Our conversation was the highlight of my day, hearing how hard he’s working, how much he’s learning and seeing the joy and confidence in his presence. He has made some major personal adjustments despite challenging circumstances. What a difference it makes when we invest in people, see their assets, and believe in them! Thank you Anthony for being my inspiration today!

Next steps for him are getting his own cell phone and getting access to a local bank or credit union to have his first savings account!

— Dana Frasz, Food Shift Founder & Director

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