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Food Shift Public Transit Ads Shift Minds About Food Waste


Results from 79 survey respondents.

Results from 79 survey respondents.

This past May, Food Shift won $50,000 worth of educational advertising space on public transit by popular vote through Facebook. Due to the severity of the drought and its impact on the environment, our food supply, and subsequently the health of our communities, Food Shift chose to utilize these BART ads to draw attention to the interconnectedness of food waste and water waste.

We recently administered a survey to assess the impact of these ads and the results are inspiring. It’s estimated that over four million people saw our ads! Even more importantly, the majority of people who saw the ads said they would waste less food as a result.

When participants were asked if they would be less likely to waste food as a result of seeing the ads, an impressive 67% confirmed that they would be! We are inspired that these ads could spark behavioral change, in additional to spreading educational awareness.

One of Food Shift's two educational ads on BART in 2014.

One of Food Shift’s two educational ads on BART in 2014.

“We were thrilled to receive the generous BART advertising this past spring,” said Dana Frasz, Food Shift Founder and Director. “We are even more excited to see that the ads are making a difference by influencing awareness and inspiring behavior change.”

While Food Shift’s educational campaign is strong on its own, we are excited to learn about current local and national plans for a broader food waste awareness campaign. Imagine if we were able to replicate this kind of shift on a national level!

Check our 2014 BART Blue Sky ads here!

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