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Gourmet Fare from Centro Community Partners Helps Feed CityTeam Ministries

Food Shift Founder & Director Dana Frasz Collecting Food from El Centro Event

Food Shift Founder & Director Dana Frasz Collecting Food from the El Centro Event

Food Shift recovered over 90 pounds of food from Centro Community Partners’ Second Annual Centro Benefit held at Preservation Park and delivered it to CityTeam Ministries in Oakland.

Centro Community Partners fosters socioeconomic change in communities by providing business advisory services and leadership development programs to underserved entrepreneurs. Several of Centro’s entrepreneurs work in the food arena. Three local Centro-supported companies offered leftover food: Sugarfoot Grits provided grits, Anda Prioshki provided prioshki and salad, and Obelisco provided Mexican food.

Naldo Peliks, Chief Operations Officer at Centro Community Partners, noted how important it was to be engaged in the redistribution of food prepared by companies in his network. “It was such a pleasure working with Food Shift because they ensured that our leftover food found a home in our community. We were all thrilled to hear that the fine folks at CityTeam Ministries were able to enjoy the delicious leftovers prepared by our talented entrepreneurs.”

Food Shift is grateful to Centro Community Partners for their generous donation and delighted that so many at CityTeam Ministries were able to eat such delicious and nurturing food prepared by local entrepreneurs.

As a result of this event Food Shift is now working more closely with Preservation Park to offer food recovery for their events.  Learn more about our event food recovery services here.

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