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This month we collaborated with Bay Area Green Tours to bring a group from LinkedIn to the Food Shift Kitchen!

A group from LinkedIn joined us on May 19, 2017 for a short presentation and lunch, showcasing what’s going on in the Food Shift Kitchen. Using recovered ingredients, faithful volunteers and hard-working kitchen apprentices, helped Chef Terrell prepare a vibrant, vegetarian lunch that showcased how Food Shift works to combat food waste.   “We were richly rewarded with a delicious meal at the Food Shift Kitchen excellently prepared by Chef Terrell,” commented BAGT Executive Director, Marissa LaManga, “Food Shift is doing a wonderful job illustrating the importance of food recovery and providing delicious results!” Chef gave a brief explanation about the mission and vision for the Food Shift Kitchen to the attentive crowd, as they snacked on house-made pickles and sipped on ice cold strawberry fresca, before unveiling the lunch spread for the day. 

Here’s what was on the menu:

  1. Ratatouille – composed of seasonal and colorful sliced vegetables, tossed in a garlic and rosemary infused tomato sauce
  2. Spanish Tortilla – tortilla española (pictured above) is made with eggs and potatoes, and is part of Spanish and various South American cuisines
  3. Quinoa & Spicy Smothered Greens – Chenopodium quiona, a flowering plant in the amaranth family Amaranthaceae, mixed with various greens
  4. Strawberry Agua Frescas – Spanish for “cool waters”
  5. Strawberry Cobbler – Luscious cobbler is baked until the strawberries are bubbling on the top

The strawberries used in the cobbler and fresca found its way to the Food Shift Kitchen when a produce truck arrived at the Alameda FoodBank (located across the street) filled with flats of strawberries. The Alameda Food Bank took a large flat, but did not have the capacity for another. These berries were in need of a home, and our kitchen was more than willing to take them in!  It’s moments like these that remind us of why we do what we do.  With help from dedicated volunteers and enthusiastic supporters, we are able to continue the transformation of imperfect and otherwise wasted food.

“Food Shift is a fantastic program and ought to be in every community! Not only is the food excellent, they train and guide and support those who haven’t had the opportunities we all deserve! We at Bay Area Green Tours try to make that a stop every time we do a tour. Everyone over there is great and it’s for a great cause” -Suzy Karasik, BAGT Program Manager

Enjoy your next team or corporate lunch at The Food Shift Kitchen in Alameda! Let us know if you’d like to host a meal here at the kitchen and we’ll make it happen. We’ll produce a vegetarian meal produced from rescued ingredients and give you a tour of the kitchen. By eating with us you will be supporting our work to reduce waste, feed the hungry, and provide employment to people with barriers to employment. Contact for more information.

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