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Job Opportunity: Food Rescue Coordinator for Santa Clara

Are you passionate about food systems work, reducing food waste, and making change on the systems level? We may have the job for you!

Food Shift worked with Santa Clara County earlier this year to write a report with research and recommendations for the food recovery sector in the county. Food Shift conducted interviews and surveys to identify the largest barriers to reducing food waste in the county, and identified opportunities for reducing food waste. The report identifies the need for a Countywide program to facilitate and coordinate food rescue efforts in Santa Clara County. One of the key recommendations from the report was to hire a Food Recovery Coordinator. Food Shift helped develop this job description and we are thrilled to see the movement in this direction.

The Food Rescue Coordinator will be responsible for convening a stakeholder group from a cross section of the food rescue community to discuss, prioritize, track, and ensure implementation of food rescue solutions. The Coordinator will consider a full range of required actions, including legislation, regulatory changes, amendments to local administrative activities, efforts to build organizational capacity and infrastructure, and collaborative opportunities with organizations interested in food rescue. Seed funding for this program has been secured for a three year period.

This is an exciting opportunity to make a difference in Santa Clara County by feeding hungry families and reducing the amount of food waste heading to landfills!

CLICK HERE to apply!

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@Food Shift wrote a report on Santa Clara County’s food recovery sector earlier this year, and the county is now hiring a Food Recovery Coordinator as a result of Food Shift’s recommendations! Learn more about the position and apply here: Please share!

Inspired by @Foodshift’s report, Santa Clara County is hiring a Food Rescue Coordinator. Deadline 1/22. Please share

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