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The Largest “WE” in Human History

Who is going to finance the new economy, the economy that moves beyond “sustain” to regeneration? Who is going to invest in the new social entrepreneurs who can transform poverty into purpose? The answer is: we are. It is our work, our call and our money. Through our investments we can create value driven by values. If we are going to decouple climate harm from the economy it will be us, we the people will do it. It will take the largest “WE” in human history, let that be our legacy. Other generations ended slavery and brought the vote to women. Other generations harnessed chaos and crisis and led.

The gift of a crisis is clarity.  When floods, storms, fires, droughts land on our lives, everything else fades and life becomes what we do. The good news of climate change is huge opportunities for clarity will be abundant. In the moments of clarity we need to tackle the big stuff: we need a food system that is local, clean, all hands on earth. We need local energy too, rooftops, roadsides, parking lots are ideal places to create locally owned, beautiful clean energy.  Food and energy will make meaningful jobs and create more money flowing into the local economy.  Less cheap and dirty food and energy will also make us more aware of the spiritual price we all have paid for energy and food systems that cause suffering.  Imagine your body run on clean food and your whole and beautiful life powered by clean energy. We will give can give up the collective insanity of work, money, stuff, anxiety, meds.

Only sane societies have the right to talk about “sustainabilty”, there is little we have “progressed” to in the last 100+ years that is “sustainable”. We lost our collective centre, lost our ties to the land, lost our connection to the ancestors. Many of us in North America came here because we lost our land, lost our ability to survive the brutality of what was “home”. We need to build “regenerative” ways and means. We need to humble ourselves culturally and learn from the shreds of Indigenous knowledge, from our our memories of grandparents still sane enough to have told us the stories and the deep and ancient knowledge in our cells and in the ancient forests that remain. The new we need is ancient, if we slow down, shut up and bend in humility; the world will tell us how to rebuild. We need to stop investing in the madness, unplug, quit the jobs, we need to move our money: Monday!

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