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Santa Clara County Taking Bold Action Around Food Recovery: New Job & Upcoming Forum

Surplus produce - including carrots, potatoes, and bell peppers - donated by Imperfect Produce and stored at Alameda Food Bank. This produce is all too "ugly" to make it to the supermarket!

On March 24, 2016, Santa Clara County will be hosting the 1st Annual Silicon Valley Food Rescue Forum, the first of its kind for the county! This is largely a result of Food Shift’s food recovery research in Santa Clara County last year, and we are so excited to see our findings and recommendations translating into concrete government action. The Forum will take place at San Jose State University from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Santa Clara County hired Food Shift in early 2015 to conduct community-level research on food waste and food recovery challenges and opportunities in the county, and compiled our findings into a report. The report included recommendations Screenshot (10)for the food recovery sector in the county, including the need for a county-wide paid Food Rescue Coordinator and working group to facilitate food rescue efforts. We are so thrilled that the county has taken our recommendation and hired a food rescue coordinator, this is a huge stop in the right direction and we hope other counties will do the same. This Forum will be the kick off to the working group, gathering key players in the space and establishing a regional framework for recovering and distributing surplus food.


The Forum is dedicated to creating a community action plan to sustainably end food waste and hunger in Silicon Valley. Specialists will meet in working groups geared towards developing solutions and guidelines to topics such as:Gao_Annie_FRF_0132

  • Gaps in Food Rescue
  • Action at a Strategic Level – Policies & Regulations on Food Rescue and Safety
  • Teaming Up for Action – Governance & Partnerships on Food Rescue

Food Shift will be attending the Food Rescue Forum and helping to guide the conversation based on the framework of our report. Food Shift Founder & Director Dana Frasz will also be speaking at the event. This is an important step being taken by the County of Santa Clara to improve the food recovery sector and we hope it will set the stage for other counties to follow.


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