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Sugarless Smoothies Still Sweet in the Alameda Kitchen


Meet Henrika.

Henrika and her daughter have been residents at Alameda Point Collaborative (APC), a housing community for formerly homeless individuals and families, for six years. When we told her about the Alameda Kitchen, a program that will employ APC residents to transform imperfect fruits and vegetables into affordable, nutritious food, she said,

“We need this in our community and we need this for our children. I know there’s been something missing in my life, and I’m trying to find that connection. I’m hoping this is the piece that’s missing.”

At APC, 99% of residents have incomes below the poverty line. Transportation and limited income are barriers to accessing healthy foods for APC residents. Over half of residents surveyed at APC said that they couldn’t afford balanced meals.

Henrika told us she is most excited about what she’ll be able to learn through the culinary training program and looks forward to being more knowledgeable about how to cook in nutritious ways for her daughter. She was so happy one day when her daughter taught her that she didn’t need sugar to make a fresh fruit smoothie taste good.

By just talking about the possibilities for the future, Henrika already feels like she is part of something bigger than herself.

You can hear more from Henrika about the potential the Alameda Kitchen has to impact the lives of APC residents in this video. Donate to Food Shift today and join us in bringing this vision to life!

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