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Young filmmaker captures Food Shift’s unique voice

Joe CarterHi, my name’s Joe. I am the creator of  Shift,  a documentary about Food Shift and the problems arising from food waste. It’s astounding to see so much work and ingenuity from an organization of Food Shift’s size, and I’m happy to have gotten the opportunity to capture but a fraction of that brilliance within my documentary.

My intentions of creating this documentary was for a scholarship I am currently trying to achieve. This scholarship is the Unique Voice Scholarship created by famed filmmaker Robert Redford and Sante Fe University Art and Design. The goal of the scholarship is to empower a unique voice with your own unique voice, which is exactly what I aimed to do with ShiftIt’s a documentary to help spark interests and trigger excitement about Food Shift and the issue they are trying to solve.

As I interviewed individuals from place to place, seeing the excitement and tenacity in their faces about the subject of Food Shift, I quickly discovered how special of an organization Food Shift really is. They are fighting an enormous issue, and yet they are doing so with great intelligence and creativity.  The thing that shocked me most about what Food Shift is trying to do is that they are doing more than just feeding the hungry. Food waste is much more than that. They are trying to help the environment, help the economy, and shift our culture to be more share-prone and connected. All of these issues are a part of food waste, which is why it is such a great problem to try and help solve.

I had a lot of fun making this documentary and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading (and watching)!

Joe Carter has been a filmmaker for over six years and is currently attending Santa Fe University of Art and Design to study Film Production. From advertisements to short films, animations to live action, he loves to tell stories through any genre of film. You can find him here.

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