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Feeding 5000 People with Recovered Food!


PaleisDam-680x451On Saturday, October 18, 2014 the first ever Feeding the 5000 event in the US took place from 12:00 – 4:00 PM in Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland as part of a global campaign to catalyze awareness and action toward ending food waste and hunger.  A free lunch for 5000 people was served from fresh produce from local farms that would have been wasted because it didn’t fit strict retail standards.

Key speakers included LA Kitchen’s Robert Egger, food waste experts Dana Gunders and Jonathan Bloom as well as Food Shift‘s Founder Dana Frasz. There was also a DJ, cooking demonstrations, and more fun and inspiring activities for all ages. The menu included a soup of misshapen potatoes, crooked carrots, surplus apples, cast-away squash, and imperfect onions.   

This event marked a milestone in the national movement to end food waste!

To make a donation to support Food Shift you can text “shift” to 41444.

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