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Featured in Sierra Magazine

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Its an honor to be included in this list of innovative organizations including our friends at Imperfect and the organization of one of our biggest inspirations – Robert Egger’s LA Kitchen. Together we are shifting food and shaping a more just and sustainable future!

If food waste were a country, its greenhouse gas emissions would rank third in the world after the United States and China, according to a United Nations report. The biggest contributors to the problem? Developed countries.

Experts estimate that U.S. citizens trash a full half of all the food we grow and produce. Seventy million tons of it get tossed annually, occupying 18 percent of the space in our landfills. Overall, we are responsible for a quarter of global food waste. The statistics are hard to swallow, considering one in seven Americans are food insecure and 90 percent of us don’t get enough fruits and veggies; even more so given that we trash much of our food because of unrealistic cosmetic standards for produce and overly stringent expiration dates.

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