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Food Shift featured by RSF Social Finance


Our friends at RSF Social Finance featured an article about us on their blog. It tells the story of why Dana founded Food Shift. Read the article to discover the vision that led Dana to create Food Shift and the path she took to get the enterprise to where it is today.

Fighting food waste with ecosystem of solutions

Hunger and food waste are intractable problems. Or are they?

In the United States today, we throw away 40 percent of all the food that is produced, which is equivalent to tossing $218 billion into the garbage each year. These figures are staggering when you consider that 49 million Americans are food insecure, meaning they lack reliable access to sufficient quantities of affordable and nutritious food.

Recently, I have grown close to one of these food insecure Americans; he is six years old. I was introduced to this young man by my daughter, who mentors him. Despite living in a neighboring city, Berkeley in Northern California, this six-year-old’s family lacks access to healthful food due to financial inability. Often, my daughter and I picked him up hungry. My eyes were open, if not a little teary. I yearned to help, but how?

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