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Q&A with Dana Frasz, Founder and Director, Food Shift


The Specialty Food Association did a great interview with Dana. They asked a lot of great questions about reducing wasted food and how people can help. Read the full interview here.


“What prompted your organization to do what you do and why is it so important for you to continue your mission?

I first became focused on the issue of hunger, at 17 when I was traveling in Southeast Asia. When I came back to my college campus and saw the waste in the dining hall, I started a food recovery program. Here in Alameda County the need for any food we can recover is great; one in five people are food insecure, or use community food banks. That number increases to 1 in 4 in San Francisco, Santa Clara, and San Mateo. This level of need is particularly striking against the backdrop of the incredible wealth in this area.”

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