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Unpacking the Reasons for Wasted Food: A Conversation with Dana Frasz and Warren and Betsy Talbot

Last week, Food Shift founder Dana Frasz was interviewed about wasted food by authors and relationship gurus Warren and Betsy Talbot, who talk about traveling the world and repairing personal relationships through their website and podcast Married with Luggage. Warren and Betsy cut out processed food and started cooking with fresh ingredients years ago for health reasons, and since then they have been fascinated by the way the food we eat—and the food we don’t eat—affects our bodies, our communities, and the environment.

Podcast-102-newTheir conversation with Dana explores the cultural factors that contribute to food waste, including a consumerist mindset and an aesthetic preference for “perfect,” unblemished foods over equally nutritious but oddly-shaped fruits and vegetables. As Dana puts it, “This isn’t just about wasting food. Hunger is not separate from our political, societal, and cultural circumstances.”

Check out the podcast to hear Dana’s top three tips for fighting food waste and to learn about what cavemen instincts, Finnish lunch ladies, and tapas culture have in common. (Spoiler alert: Food waste is involved.)

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