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Volunteer Opportunity: Social Media Volunteer

Day to Day Responsibilities: 

  • Use Buffer to manage content flow and scheduled release. 
  • Post or schedule 1-2 posts to Facebook every week day, and have at least 1 post scheduled to drop over the weekend. 
  • Post or schedule 1-3 Tweets every week day, and have at least 1 Tweet scheduled to drop over each day of the weekend. 
  • Post or schedule 1 post to Instagram every week day, and have at least 1 post scheduled to drop over the weekend. 
  • Track metrics for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and provide FS team with a weekly update on how our pages are doing, what seems to be working, and suggestions going forward
    • Likes/favorites
    • Number of comments
    • Retweets/shares
    • Engagement rate (tracked on platforms – this is how many people actually click/like/share)
    • Peak hours for posting
    • Number of followers
  • Work with Audrey to develop our social media strategy and add to the Social Media Manual
    • Audrey will outline sections for the volunteer to fill in
  • Engage with followers on Facebook
    • Reply to messages
    • Reply to comments and mentions
  • Engage with new followers on Twitter – Tweet directly at them, thank them for following us, invite them to sign up for our newsletter 


Ongoing Projects: 

  • Create a list of top Food Shift related organizations that we can go to on Twitter or Facebook to repost content or tag in posts
  • Track our top followers on Twitter and Facebook (profiles with over 10k followers) and strategize how to engage them
    • Investigate other social media pages so see examples of how to engage followers
    • Investigate and attend any instructional webinars on best practices around follower engagement 
    • Consolidate previous lists of top followers as necessary
    • Create tracking sheet and share with Audrey
  • Build Twitter influencers list
  • Identify and attend social media webinars to get ideas for how to optimize our social media engagement
    • Take notes during webinar
    • Work with Audrey to incorporate lessons into the social media guide 


Additional Notes on Content Responsibilities: 

  • Promote our newsletter regularly during the week
  • Promote our blog posts when they are live on our site, and re-post them a few months later (ICYMI, Throwback Thursday?) 
  • Promote upcoming events and other organization needs 



  • Familiarity with social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Interest in sustainability and food recovery issues is a plus!



  • There is about 8-10 hours/week of work which can be done remotely or at our office, which is located at 677 West Ranger Avenue, Alameda.
  • Working with Food Shift is an opportunity to grow, be creative, wear many hats, and be a part of a fun team working to end food waste and break cycles of social inequality. We hope you’ll join us! 
  • To apply, please share the following: your resume, a brief statement about why you’d like to work with Food Shift, where you heard about this opportunity, and your time availability. Email with the subject line “Social Media Volunteer.

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