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Chandler Henry

Catering Sales Coordinator

Chandler, a true southerner at heart, joins the Food Shift team to work towards a more sustainable future through wholesome meals and community building. Chandler earned her Business and Hospitality Management degrees in Charleston, SC where her hunger for culinary knowledge truly blossomed. A season spent in the Panama jungle practicing farm to table culinary arts, cooking in the Icelandic arctic, and eating her way through Taiwan/Thailand ensured that Chandler craved more than what her corner of the world could provide.

Chandler jumped coasts to attend The Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. Many years in the industry later, Chandler witnessed incredible amounts of food carelessly tossed in the trash. This unfortunate reoccurrence opened her eyes to the much larger issue of how accumulated food waste contributes to the detriment of our planet’s future.

Chandler stands with the Food Shift mission and implements sustainable practices in her everyday life, knowing that every bit of effort makes a difference. From handing out catering leftovers on the streets, to now organizing events and meals cooked from recovered food, Chandler has stepped into her role as Catering Sales Coordinator and couldn’t be happier knowing that she is playing a part in bringing people together through food.

Even after a long day’s work, you’ll still find Chandler playing in the kitchen.

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