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Dana Gunders

Advisor and Expert on Food Waste Reduction, Next Course LLC

Dana Gunders graduated from Stanford in 2002 with a M.S. in Sustainable Business Practices.  In her previous position at the Natural Resources Defense Council Dana investigated where food comes from, where it goes and what safeguards are in place to ensure a food system that best nourishes communities.  Dana spent three years working for TranFair USA as a Supply Chain Manager and two years doing independent sustainability and business development consulting.  At her new business, Next Course LLC, Dana now advises companies, investors, and government agencies on food waste reduction. She brings to the committee a deep passion for food waste reduction, knowledge about food and agricultural policy, research and analysis skills, and an understanding of sustainable business.

“Improving food system efficiency is a complex challenge and we need capable organizations like Food Shift to address it.” 

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