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Tony Schwartz

Volunteer: Social Media Team

Tony’s passion for the environment started at a very young age when his grandpa “Pete” showed him the importance of recycling. Fast forward to today and his passion for conservation, preservation, and a sustainable economy is stronger than it has ever been.
After getting his M.B.A. from Illinois State University in International Marketing, Tony went on to work for a major media company where he still works today specializing in top to bottom client management. When Tony is not traveling across the U.S. for his corporate job, he spends most of his time contributing to nonprofit organizations which align with his own values. Organizations such as Global Greengrants, Rock the Earth, and Sustainable Human are among those to which Tony dedicates his time.
As someone who grew up in the corn belt, food has always played a special role in his life, and has become a passion to pursue. Through his own research and commitment to changing the food landscape, Tony joins the Food Shift team as a committed volunteer hoping to make a difference in the way we all connect with food.
When not volunteering, you can find Tony playing his guitar, collecting vinyl, writing reviews for farm-to-fork restaurants as a Yelp Elite member, and enjoying the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
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