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Yan Chun Su

Volunteer: Salesforce Team

Yan is an all around technologist and award-winning documentary filmmaker. She has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and more than ten years of experience working for a variety of industries building enterprise applications. Her passions to explore, serve and create have taken her to six continents including teaching in west Africa and studying sustainability in Norway. With a special passion for indigenous people living close to the earth, Yan has studied from, lived with and documented many remote communities around the world. Her most recently documentary film, Drokpa is about Tibetan nomads facing climate change and other sociopolitical challenges. Yan started working with Salesforce in 2011 and enjoyed the possibilities the platform provides, especially for non-profits. When Yan is not coding, filming, editing and designing her next dream projects combining technology, media and nature-consciousness, she enjoys reading, cooking and everything the great outdoors of Colorado has to offer.

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