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Yuka Nagashima

Executive Director

Yuka brings to Food Shift over 20 years of experience as a senior executive, policy leader, entrepreneur, and an educator. Yuka has advised executive teams and professionals, legislators and governors, board members and startup founders in the areas of diversity and inclusion, innovation, cultural interpretation, business strategies, performance improvement and visionary leadership. Her career spans multiple industries and roles, from her first job as a teacher who developed an integrated science curriculum to encourage more girls to take physics, to co-founding two tech startups and leading a government agency to develop the innovation sector. Her professions may have been varried but her approach and pricinples have been consistent in the way she served in each of our positions: Yuka excels at building capacity in others so they can lead themselves in a way consistent with their values.

“It’s not clear just by looking at my resume that Food Shift would be the next organization I would lead. But people who know me got it right away. Food is more than sustenance for me. When I was growing up in Japan, my father would say, ‘Respect your food,’ if I left grains of rice in my bowl. It wasn’t just about wasting food when children in Africa was starving,” Yuka continued, “Tending to the harvest, preparing the ingredients, and eating, were all acts of giving thanks and acknowledging the intricate set of events that needed to happen just so, for the miracle of the meal to appear before me. We all have a food story that’s more than feeding the hungry. I look forward to leading Food Shift to be the platform where all of our stories can come together to keep ourselves and our systems accountable to uplift our community through food.”

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