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Why it Matters

Reduce Your Waste… Why it Matters…

Whether it’s moldy cheese, limp celery, or long-lost leftovers in the back of the fridge, chances are you’ve wasted food this week–and you’re not alone. Americans waste about 25% of all food purchases.

The average family could save over $1,600 a year by sending less food to the landfill. When we throw away food, we’re also wasting all the water, energy, and other resources used to produce, package and transport food to our plates.

Food is wasted when we:

  • Buy more than we need
  • Store it incorrectly
  • Throw away leftovers
  • Cook too much

Reducing the amount of food that is wasted in your life is a way to be socially and environmentally conscious while also watching your waistline and wallet!

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