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Abdulaziz Al-Sulaim, Food Shift Volunteer

Thank you for all your good work! Just by working with you all I have been advocating ordering less at restaurants and making sure we only buy what we need at home. This is really great! We’ll do this! share:

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Emily Rehberger

Working at Food Shift was such a valuable experience for me in so many different ways! Everything that Dana has accomplished in such a short amount of time is so inspiring, and working with a small, but mighty and dedicated

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Alys Spillman, Food Shift Grant Assistant

Working with Food Shift has been an invaluable springboard to a career in grant writing for nonprofits. More than any certification course, this taught me the day to day requirements and processes used to do grant writing from initial research

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Christine Hernandez, People’s Grocery

Peoples Grocery

Referring to food recovered from an Alameda Film Set: “It was great! We put a call out to our immediate neighborhood and the Cal Hotel. We all enjoyed a family style sit down with delicious grilled pork chops, salad, rice

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Jennifer Sousae, RHE Foundation

I am excited to get in at the ground floor with Food Shift in their “David and Goliath” battle against food waste. David won that one, by the way. Food shift has a rare combination of vision, strong leadership, tenacity,

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Chad Solari, Andronico’s Community Markets

Why do you like working with Food Shift? What is your motivation for working with us? Food Shift is on the leading edge of understanding the issue of food waste and is diligently devising ideas and programs to allow a

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Ben Trombley, SV2 Member

Ben Trombley

Food Shift’s team is beyond passionate about the problem of food waste and has shown a scrappy ability to affect real change. By convincing companies like Andronico’s to adopt food recovery programs, they’re proving that food recovery is a sustainable

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Jana Hiraga, Associate Director, Oakland Youth Aspire

Jana Hiraga - Associate Director of Oakland Youth Aspire

Food Shift provided a wide variety of fresh produce for our youth to learn about, take home, enjoy and share with their families. Since West Oakland is a food desert, there is a lack of available healthy foods to nourish

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Nancy Hahn, SF Food Runners

Nancy Hahn of Food Runners talking about FoodShift

(discussing how the food we donated impacted the receiving orgs) It allowed the organizations we delivered to feed more people as well as allowing them to stretch their tight budgets a little farther that month, therefore freeing up funds for

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Marion Gee, Development & Communications Coordinator, Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment

It was a pleasure to work with Food Shift to help us recover unused food at our Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour in Oakland. Food Shift staff were courteous, professional and prompt. All we had to do was

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Kimberly Tomicich, Intern

I joined Food Shift because of the mission, and I stayed because of the people. While working with Food Shift, there was never a dull moment. I was consistently empowered by the tasks I took on, and inspired by my

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Karen May, Project Manager, King County Solid Waste Division

Regarding the Zero Food Waste Forum ‘14: “Your efforts and the entire forum itself made a truly lasting impression. The BEST work-related/professional gathering that I’ve ever been to”. share:

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Brandi Clark Burton, Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer of Austin EcoNetwork

Dana and the dedicated Food Shift crew is making a difference and shifting their community’s culture and practices around the avoidable problem of food waste. What they are doing in the Bay Area needs to spread all over America! share:

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Mikki Samet, Boston, MA

I never liked the idea of wasting food. But it wasn’t until I started following my college friend Dana’s work with Food Shift that I actually took steps to reduce my kitchen garbage! I’m always cooking for my family and

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Arty Mangan, Director of the Bioneers Restorative Food Systems Program

Food Shift addresses the critically important issue of food waste and its impact on two very serious problems: hunger and climate change, while raising awareness that we can all play a role in mitigating those problems in our everyday lives.

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Mike Hannigan Co-Founder and President, Give Something Back Office Supplies

It is simply unacceptable in a society so prosperous as ours to miss the mark so widely in connecting food resources with glaring unmet needs. Food Shift is part of a growing effort to go farther and create something better.

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Izelle Javellana, Special Events Producer, Off the Grid

It was a pleasure working with Food Shift. We didn’t have to worry about wasting food and it felt good to know Food Shift would be bringing this delicious food to those in need. share:

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Angela McKee, Catering & Retail Manager, La Cocina

I greatly enjoyed working with the Food Shift team during our recent event. They made the donation process so easy by providing all the needed containers and then managed the entire process of collecting the food. We look forward to

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Gabriel Cole, Culinary Curator, Airbnb

Food Shift put my mind at ease in more ways then one. They provided logistical support, communications and invaluable insights into alternate ways of looking at food at the end of its lifecycle. They worked with the caterers to each

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Gavin Crynes, Project Manager, Fare Resources

“At Airbnb’s global gathering, with nine catered meals for 800 people over four days, food excess was inevitable, but instead of treating all the delicious food as waste, we hired Food Shift to repurpose that food into 1500 meals for

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A Note from Food Shift on COVID-19

An update on Food Shift's response to COVID-19: for the people, by the people, and with the people.