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Jennifer Sousae, RHE Foundation

I am excited to get in at the ground floor with Food Shift in their “David and Goliath” battle against food waste. David won that one, by the way.
Food shift has a rare combination of vision, strong leadership, tenacity, practicality, ingenuity and audacity that compels me to take part in a cultural shift leading to an accepted, professionalized food-rescue sector. Food Shift and its leadership will transform the conversation from “those people should” to “How shall we”.

Food Shift is different: exploring new technologies for integrating existing food rescue efforts, creating a revolution in food redistribution. Their approach is new and brave.
Food Shift is going to the source, like their Andronico’s program, while educating each of us with their website and store displays, and also rolling up their sleeves doing food redistribution work. They have the potential to bring down one of the biggest threats to human sustainability. It is that big a deal.

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