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Make the Shift

We recognize that food is precious and that the choices we make about what and how we eat dramatically impact the health of of our communities and our environment.  A recent study reports that over 50% of consumers are willing to pay more to support businesses that “gives back” to their society. Reducing food waste and diverting excess food is a logical step towards true sustainability and it tells the right story to your clients.

Food Shift works with businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area to reduce shrinkage, donate surplus food and educate their customers about food waste.

  • Grocery Stores — Hire Food Shift to run a food recovery service that reduces wasted food AND creates jobs in the community.* Food Shift can tailor an educational campaign and create materials to help tell your customers the right story about your business’ commitment to the environment and your community.
  • Corporate Events & Conferences — Food Shift can coordinate and manage the recovery and donation of surplus food at your next event.  Learn more about our event food recovery and read about our impact at a recent Airbnb employee convention.
  • Restaurants — Donate a portion of your sales from one dish, one day or host a special event to raise funds to keep Food Shift’s programs moving and engage your customers as part of the solution.

“Food Shift’s working style was very collaborative, tailoring their services specifically to our event. They worked seamlessly with caterers and food trucks to package extra food and distribute it to appropriate agencies in San Francisco.“ –  Gavin Crynes, Project Manager, Fare Resources, San Francisco

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* All revenue generated goes back into our programs to expand food recovery in the Bay Area. By reducing wasted food, we feed the hungry, combat climate change and cultivate more sustainable communities.


A Note from Food Shift on COVID-19

An update on Food Shift's response to COVID-19: for the people, by the people, and with the people.