“I never liked the idea of wasting food. But it wasn’t until I started following my college friend Dana’s work with Food Shift that I actually took steps to reduce my kitchen garbage! I’m always cooking for my family and friends. Sometimes, the meal plans would change or I would overbuy and there would be produce sitting and rotting in my fridge. I used to see the moldy food and think, “Well, I have no choice but to throw it out!” Now, I realize that the choice begins at the store. I shop much more carefully now – and have learned to transform excess ingredients into more meals. I use my freezer more. My disposal guzzles less precious fruit and veggies. I save money. Food Shift continues to inspire me to take responsibility for my decisions – whether it is the kind of companies I buy from, the kinds of non profits I support, and last (but certainly not least!) what’s in my fridge.”