Food Shift Vision and Mission

As part of the holistic vision for a healthy and sustainable future, it is Food Shift’s mission to ensure that nutritious food does not go to waste and to involve our community as part of the solution.

Food Shift develops practical solutions to reduce food waste, nourish communities, and provide jobs. Our model focuses on rescuing surplus food that would otherwise waste away in landfills and utilize it to fuel our social enterprise kitchen. We address food insecurity and joblessness in our community through our catering program and job training program, which is designed for those facing high barriers to employment including homelessness, unemployment, disability, domestic violence, addiction and incarceration. Apprentices earn a livable wage while learning how to work in a professional kitchen, allowing for growing room before stepping into the next role of their careers. 

Creating and implementing solutions for the people, by the people, and with the people is the focus of Food Shift’s holistic vision for healthy individuals and sustainable communities. Food alone cannot solve hunger, and Food Shift is utilizing opportunities in the food system to address the intersecting issues of climate change, job and economic security, and community health. 


  • 2012
    Food Shift founded by Dana Frasz, as a project of Earth Island Institute
  • 2014
    Co-hosted Zero Food Waste Forum
  • 2015
    Developed Santa Clara County Final Report
  • 2016
    Launched joint food recovery and social enterprise model
  • 2017
    Executed kitchen curriculum, with guidance from DC Central Kitchen and LA Kitchen, graduating seven apprentices in the first year
  • 2018

    - Recovered over 70,000 lbs of food

    - Signed Google as a regular weekly catering client

    - Scaled up our catering capacity to take on two full-day, 150 attendee conference, serving breakfast, lunch, happy hour, and dinner

    -Began hiring graduates as Food Shift Kitchen Assistants for kitchen production and mentoring new students

  • 2019

    - Generated approximately $100,000 from The Food Shift Kitchen catering enterprise, representing one third of our overall revenue from project income

    - Recovered more than 120,000 lbs - that’s 60 tons! - of food

    - Welcomed new leadership - Yuka Nagashima hired as Executive Director

  • 2020
    Launched Operation Together in response to COVID-19, with the goal to raise $100,000 to fund food recovery operations (~3000 lbs per week), supplying produce for more than ten partner organizations working on the front lines
  • 2021
    Expected launch of Food Shift SB 1383 Compliance Consulting services for organizations in need of food waste reduction guidance
  • 2022
    Short-Lived Climate Pollutant (SLCP) Reduction Strategy SB 1383 goes into effect

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Our Team


Yuka Nagashima

Executive Director

Jen Franco

Culinary Director

Robert Mills

Senior Food Recovery Specialist

Rizwan Dhanani

Office Manager

Jared Ginn

Social Enterprise Innovations Manager

Patty Apple

Operations and Communications Manager 

Colin Choy Kimzey



Robert Egger

Founder, DC Central Kitchen & LA Kitchen

Suzy Medios

Emeritus Chef & Culinary Director,
Food Shift

Anthony Tansimore

President, Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA 


Lia Turk

Nonprofit communications & fundraising

Tina Choi

Founder, Travonde 

Kelli Stam

Vice President, Head of Marketing & Partnerships, Human Rights Campaign


Wendy Ayala

Layla Chamberlin

Lily Daniel

Charlotte Pine

Sophia Zaleski

Emma Zeko


Jess Beebe

Gabriella Jew

Vanessa Kwan

Linda Retta

Jane Tatum

Aaron Walker


Our Supporters

Our work would not be possible without the support of our partner organizations and financial sponsors.   

Food Shift is a project of Earth Island Institute