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Food Shift and SV2 Celebrate Exciting Partnership Launch


Members of the Food Shift team celebrating the partnership at the David Brower Center in Berkeley.

We are excited to announce that Food Shift has been chosen as a recipient of SV2’s 2014 Environment Grant! As a grantee, Food Shift will receive $90,000 over the course of three years, as well as professional advising and consulting from SV2. This is the largest grant Food Shift has ever received!

SV2 is a philanthropic group in Silicon Valley that is comprised of partners who pool annual contributions, and give grants and strategic guidance to various nonprofits. SV2 member Mark Parnes describes SV2 as a community of people that are interested in supporting entrepreneurs involved in the social sector. SV2 focuses on supporting organizations that address issues such as environment, education, and international development. This year’s environmental round focused specifically on waste. Food Shift began the application process for the grant at the beginning of the year, and was able to ‘wow’ the members in the final round of presentations.

SV2 and Food Shift had a celebration earlier this week to kick off the relationship between the two organizations, hosted by Food Shift’s fiscal sponsor, Earth Island Institute. SV2 member Jennifer Sousae, who was an important ally throughout the entire application process expressed her excitement about working with Food Shift and praised Food Shift founder Dana Frasz’s vision. “From first contact with Dana I was convinced that this woman was approaching a familiar and critical piece of work from a new and ambitious angle,” she shared. “Over and over again she is turning skeptics into advocates.”

Jonathan Packman, an advisor to Food Shift, spoke about Dana’s ability to turn no’s into yes’s. Jennifer agreed, calling it Dana’s “superpower.” Mark Parnes said that part of SV2’s attraction to Food Shift was that the idea to reduce and repurpose food waste was very simple, but could alter the food system and feed those in need. He also said that part of why Food Shift stood out to them was because Dana is a very promising entrepreneur who is absolutely committed to the mission of her organization, and that people at SV2 are excited to work with her. The kind words and support that were shared by everyone at the dinner were inspiring and we are excited to see what amazing work will come out of this partnership over the next few years!

See Food Shift Director Dana Frasz give an inspiring presentation about Food Shift’s work and vision at SV2’s Annual Gathering.

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