Food Shift's JEDI Consulting

Food Shift offers advisory and consulting services to establish organizational practices that arise from values of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI). Why is a nonprofit which sits at the intersection of climate change and food insecurity offering JEDI services? Because JEDI is our core value and part of our mission. We strive to identify and implement holistic solutions that are

For the people (not asking people to lean into and perpetuate the broken system),

By the people (to see people we serve as people we serve with, as part of the solution), and

With the people (to travel the path together so that we are collaborative, not competitive, to result in a more resilient community overall).

JEDI is at the heart of climate and food justice. We see it as part of our mission to continue to learn and challenge ourselves to exercise our JEDI values and share with others on this journey.

Developing a JEDI Lens: An Interactive & Exploratory Workshop

Services We Offer

($100 up to 60 minutes)

For new (potential) clients only. 

Initial consultation is offered up to 60 minutes with minimal payment to check for a “cultural knit” with the type of engagement we offer, and for Food Shift to be able to provide some initial guidance as a representation of a possible interaction style.

(Varies on contract duration: $750/month minimum contract)

JEDI practice is counter intuitive. The best intentions can lead to harm. We are here to take on an external advisory role to offer on-demand guidance on JEDI broadly, or on specific related topics including but not limited to: what the first steps for your organization might be, best practices around forming a racial equity committee, review of job description and hiring procedure to attract a diverse candidate pool, how to get buy-in from your board. The advantage of this package is its flexibility. We recognize your needs will change as we navigate the JEDI path. The topics do NOT have to be pre-determined, although you may have a seminal event or a goal that motivated you to connect with us.

If there is a specific topic or goal you are working towards, flat-rate packages may be available. 

($3950 minimum contract)

Development and facilitation services for a group retreat to identify organization’s core values and fold them into the strategic planning process. It provides a built-in buy-in process for different levels of the organization, to be united under a shared set of values. Effectively used when an organization is at a crossroads: e.g., leadership change, preparation for a major initiative or a change in direction, a level-set for internal cultural challenges to result in deeper employee, partner, or community engagement.

Consists of interviews with different stakeholders to create a customized set of modules from exercises aimed at communication improvement, addressing gaps between different functional/community groups or levels of authority.

While the engagement process itself is the main work product, other outputs include identification of organization values, timeline of organization history and pivotal events, frameworks to identify and tackle behavior changes, internal training materials.

In-person or virtual options available.

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