Consulting Communities on Food Waste Reduction

Food Shift has extensive experience and understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and players within the complex ecosystem around food production, food waste and food access. We educate and empower businesses, organizations and governmental entities to increase sustainable practices. By recommending effective interventions to improve food recovery efforts, we are able to reduce our clients’ overall food waste and optimize food distribution. We envision a food recovery service sector as an extension of our current waste management system and a new path to create quality jobs.   

California State Legislation Senate Bill 1383 is the most impactful recycling regulation in California in decades, with a goal to reduce methane emissions from organic waste in California’s landfills.

Food waste alone accounts for approximately 17-18% of landfills. A significant component of this bill, reducing food waste and a specific component encouraging edible food rescue, makes it stand out from previous organics-focused legislation.

Short-lived Climate Pollutants: Organic Waste Methane Emissions Reduction legislation, along with its Food Recovery component, was adopted in September 2016 and municipalities and businesses will need to implement and comply with the new regulations starting January 2022.